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Two Champions of Shaolin Review By Gary Williams

Two Champions of Shaolin Starring Lu Feng, Lo Meng, Chiang Sheng, Candy Wen Hsueh Erh, Yueng Jing Jing, Sun Chien, Chin Siu Ho, Wang Li, Yu Tai Ping Directed by Chang Cheh “You’re the Shaolin Hercules Tung Chin Chin, I’ve heard of you, you’re famous.”- Li De Dong Two...

The Message From Chinatown Kid: Don’t Mess With Fu Sheng’s Friends

Alexander Fu Sheng is one of the most beloved treasures that Shaw Brothers Studios shared with us. Fu Sheng’s enduring qualities transcend the twenty plus years that he last graced the Shaw screen. Although Fu Sheng could be funny, he could also be deadly serious. For many fans...